You will not find such information but we can request an audit...

By: Claire-heureuse Flambert (replying to Msg 20772) - March 27 2010, 7:08 PM

You will not find such information but we can request an audit about Preval's management of Haitian Treasury before he leaves office at the end of his term. Once a Haitian president is good for his economic elites and the United States, one cannot resquest good audit to occur to hold such a president accounatable.

We might try, but we might not be successful too. I do not like his management but I will never call for his resignation or termination like others who like that to happen.

I am not a person of chaos.

I am calling now for drastic reforms to free Haiti from its internal oppressors.

The mulatto elites in Haiti are the oppressors.

Mulatto families silently colonnize us and want us to accept the self-internal communication as normal facts of life. If dark Haitians are idiots and stupids as the mulattoes claim it Haiti will never be librated...

RE: President Preval Wedding Pictures


See the related photo:

President Preval Wedding Pictures

Haitian President Rene Preval married Elisabeth Debrosse Delatour, one of his economic advisers, in a small ceremony...

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