Preval est incompétent, il doit laisser le pouvoir aux...

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Preval est incompétent, il doit laisser le pouvoir aux jeunes intellectuels dévoués pour reconstruire notre pays.

Eddy, March 9 2010, 4:47 AM

Topic: President Preval Wedding Pictures

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This boy is a joke, like Sweet Mickey said, "Li gen yon pouvwa prostat nan bouda li". LOL read more >
Eric, 15-Dec-09 9:58 am
Je pense que beaucoup d'entre vous sont toujours reste des enfants car je ne crois pas que la photo n'a rien de... read more >
Nancy D Watkins, 15-Dec-09 7:01 pm
Nou tout funni.....nous fem ri.........preval mwen pa remen paske ou fe un chose ki vreman revoir...... read more >
Weeza Boo, 21-Dec-09 5:01 pm
Were the previous two wives too dark for the Haitian National Palace? Well, mother earth gave her opinion on that on... read more >
Moumoun, 16-Jan-10 11:26 am
The monkey (Preval)just get a woman that's all. Or maybe he like light meat,that is choice. read more >
Jean Pierre, 16-Jan-10 11:40 am
Preval est incompetent,il doit laisser le pouvoir aux jeunes intellectuels devoues pour reconstruire notre pays. read more >
Eddy, 9-Mar-10 4:47 am
C'est aussi mon avis laisser le pays aux jeunes nationalistes.Mais mr. Lucas ignore l'analyse est basee sur la... read more >, 9-Mar-10 12:36 pm
Im Haitian,, and Haiti will never advance leaders in the country has no dream or project to help... read more >
Josh Jhonson, 27-Mar-10 3:42 pm
Haiti does not pay a president enough for him to accumulate one million dollars during his tenure in office. So if... read more >
Abit Pletil, 27-Mar-10 6:52 pm
You will not find such information but we can request an audit about Preval's management of Haitian Treasury before he... read more >
Claire-heureuse Flambert, 27-Mar-10 7:08 pm
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