Sarcastic comments have no merit. With a private aircraft if...

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Sarcastic comments have no merit.

With a private aircraft if people travel back and forth and pay the regular commercial fare the cost far exceeds the cost of shares in a private aircaft.

With a private aircraft you are not limited to landing just in Port-A-Prince but are free to land at various locations in Haiti as well as fly low over out islands in event those doing construction there want views from the air. Other advantages are you leave from the general aviation terminal (not the main terminal), don't have to take off your shoes and wait in long security lines, are able to land at varous locations along the route, etc. You can catch the public planes if you can even afford to return at all. Your comments I want to take advantage of poor Haitians have no merit because poor Haitians couldn't afford to take part in purchase of private aircarft but the embassy of Haiti is interested to form a domestic air charter service for in-country flights.

There attitude is not a negative and nasty one like you have! Sorry you are poor but you will get poorer if you are a boat person who sneaked into the U.S. because the U.S. economy is going straight to hell and not coming back for a long time. The costs to travel back and fort several times (ticket costs) on a commercial airliner would exceed costs of shares in a private aircraft but I wouldn't want to be involved with someone who has an attitude like you do anyway.

At one time back in 1980s I managed the old Air Haiti so I know there are poor people like yourself in Haiti who couldn't afford to own a private aircraft but at the time there was (still is) a general aviation terminal at Port-A-Prince (look down from the main terminal building and you will see it) and note in front of the general aviation terminal all the private aircraft parked there owned by businessmen like my former boss Ernest Bennett former father-in-law of Baby Doc. Go and make your sarcastic comments to their faces and see what they have to say to you!!!

Rkgs, November 23 2009, 8:29 AM

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Sarcastic comments have no merit. With a private aircraft if people travel back and forth and pay the regular... read more >
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Linda, 23-Nov-09 9:03 am
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Rkgs, 24-Nov-09 8:33 am
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