It is the Haitian "boat people" who are constantly sneaking...

Rkgs - November 24 2009, 8:33 AM

It is the Haitian "boat people" who are constantly sneaking into the U.S. thinking this is the promised land but the people of the U.S. now have over 25 million unemployed, there is a big backlash from right wingers against all immigration especially illegal and all people from Haiti who were not born here will not be able to get medicare or other health insurance under the new proposed health care legislation so it is time for people of Haiti in U.S. to realize these facts, that America is a bankrupt country and plan to return to Haiti?

I have never tried to take advantage of Haitians and only made a proposal that, for those who can afford it, purchasing shares in private aircraft will allow trips to and from Haiti at a cheaper price over the long term with the investment protected as all aircraft are registered in U.S. by the U.S. government (not State governments) and all owners would have their names on the registration.

Also the aircraft when not being used to transport Haitians could be rented out to students and their instructors and make funds to cover repairs and required inspections and maybe even make a profit for the owners on a percentage basis depending on the number of shares they owned.

I have been in contact with the government to maybe start an in-country charter flight service as well as a military school which would help the 70+% unemployement rate Haiti currently has. Please keep in mind when I found out Ernest Bennett (former father-in-law of Baby Doc) was a crook when I returned to Miami I contacted the offices of the opposition and gave them a map of his BMW dealership which was later trashed by angry mobs. I have done what I could to help the people of Haiti to get rid of Ernest Bennett who later returned and was thrown in jail for a period of time. He is now dead. I have also given information he Banked in Panama to the lawyers trying to recover funds for Haiti so instead of taking advantage of Haitians I have gone out of my way to benefit the people of Haiti and have several current proposals now being considered by the Haiti government including a Haitian version of the U.S. policy of "Manifest Destiny" (you can google that) which means expansion which is the only real hope to change the current situation in Haiti due to the fact there are too many people in too small an area with no trees.

Manifest Destiny for Haiti would mean liberation of the island and freedom for financial Haitian slaves in D.R. and, in addition to all the avbove, I have offered use of my luxury residence for Haitian Consulate office.

Further you should understand that my last name is an ARAB name and there are Arabs as black as the average Haitian and others that look like an average white man so while racist attitudes exist with many Haitians who seem to want to come to mainly white USA those racist attitudes don't exist with Arabs.

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