Thomas, when I debate a point, I try to stick to the facts. I...

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Thomas, when I debate a point, I try to stick to the facts.

I tend to list these facts so that they are clear.

Because I stick to the facts, I am able to express myself by making short statements that go right to the point.

I notice that you can't do that. You camouflage your inability to support your opinion (with even one fact) by writing the longest amount emotional gibberish you can come up with. In my last post to you, I provided specific evidence to counter what you said (I compared all other developed countries who have double citizenship to Haiti).

My evidence was empirically based and easily verifiable by all. I asked you to counter that evidence with your own. Instead of doing that, you again wrote a whole bunch of emotional non quantifiable statements to cover the fact that there's no evidence to support your point.

On another topic.

You also seem to be one of those people who talks out of both sides of their mouths; meaning, that one minute you say one thing, then before the minute is even up, one hears the opposite statement from you.

Let me show you how I came up with that fact:

1. In the same post that you say that the diaspora are traitors and need to be kept out of Haiti, you also say "I am hoping that Haiti will recover her lost sons and daughters."

2. From the same breath that you said that "that â€"dual citizenship” would make Haiti even more vulnerable," you also said "L' Union Fait la Force."

In each of those assertions you contradicted yourself.

Perhaps you might take some time to think before you start stating points that you yourself are still confused about.

By the way, I personally don't give a hoot about double citizenship.

I am doing as much work for Haiti now as I would if I had dual citizenship.

The type of work that I do for Haiti has nothing to do with the government, so I don't need double citizenship.

However, I do know that there's been a serious brain drain in Haiti and that many very intelligent Haitians who could help Haiti through the government are now also citizens of other countries.

Many of these Haitians were taken to these other countries by their parents when they were very young, and did not even know that, by becoming citizens of other countries, they were in fact giving up their Haitian citizenship.

Haiti needs the knowledge and the resources that the Diaspora would bring to it. Haiti needs the Diaspora more than the Diaspora members need Haiti.

If you like, I can go through a list of evidentiary facts that support this last statement.

Linda, August 5 2009, 6:27 PM

Topic: Correction for my last post.

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Thomas, when I debate a point, I try to stick to the facts. I tend to list these facts so that they are clear. Because... read more >
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