Tiba, I do remember that you said you lived here in the US...

Linda - August 1 2009, 4:37 PM

Tiba, I do remember that you said you lived here in the US, but for some reason I also thought that you went back to Haiti a few years ago. Maybe I misunderstood something.

We've been blogging a long time, and my memory was never great (its a wonder that I got a Ph.D).

OK, well part of my childhood was also spent upstate NY. I lived in a little town that didn't even have its own school or movie theater.

We had to go to the next town for those things.

We lived on several acres of land, and the houses were so far from each other that kids needed their bikes to get to most of them. In the winter, we had the most beautiful display of snow. Unlike the city, you could go for miles and see only endless white snow; none of that nasty gray stuff they get in the city. In the mornings after a heavy snow fall, when you stood outside waiting for the school bus, and freezing various parts of the anatomy god gave you, you could hear the chimes of the icicles as a gentle breeze shook the branches.

That is how I remember upstate NY.

About being president.

Since neither of us can run, maybe we should go back to Haiti and promote our own candidate.

Or just to make sure to take down the clowns who are running for the 2011 presidency.

Maybe there's a good candidate down there that we don't know about and that we could help win. Perhaps we could figure out who the best guy will be for the job and put all our energy into pushing him. Hey, hey!! Actually, now that I've said that, I think I will do just that. Maybe if enough of us from the Diaspora do that (really get involve in the next election as oppose to just watching it happen from overseas) we can keep the illiterate population that will be voting from putting another gutter rat in office.

Maybe that's how the Diaspora should approach this problem.

Think about it Tiba...when the Americans choose someone to be Haiti's president they do everything to make it happen.

Why don't we in the Diaspora do the same. Why don't we start a post that bloggers can list what they want to see in our next president.

Than you and I can start looking for a candidate in Haiti that matches the criteria on the final list. The list would consist of 12 or 15 mandatory characteristics and qualifications that the person must have for the Diaspora to approve.

Than the Diaspora would put all their energy, finances and power behind that individual which they've approved.

I'm thinking that this is a realistic plan--not easy, but doable.

What do you think?

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