Tiba let's consider this, the idea of the diaspora helping...

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Tiba let's consider this, the idea of the diaspora helping build Haiti's infrastructures is very feasible.

If I was advising the Haitian government this is what I would have them do. I would tell the government to encourage Haitian business leaders, investors and the Haitian diaspora to create a bank. It would be a private bank where the government had no control over it.

It would be the sort of bank that had branches in the US, Canada, France, basically anywhere there's a sizable Haitian population.

I would encourage the government to travel and encourage the Haitian diaspora to do business with that bank. Instead of the President or the Prime minister traveling abroad begging for money.

That bank could help finance projects of infrastructures in Haiti.

And if the Diaspora wanted to really show their patriotism, they could lend Haiti money with no interest.

The problems that Haiti faces can be solved we just don't have an intelligent leader with a vision, the diaspora can be a greater source of resources to Haiti than what it is right now. We need to start thinking big.

seriously if 20 or 30 years from now, Haiti is still in the same mess I will enter politics and change things.

I already have plans to work as private citizen to contribute to Haitian society but if at that time no one steps up to the plate to change things in Haiti, I will and I can do all that without even being a president.

Zac, August 2 2009, 12:54 AM

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Tiba let's consider this, the idea of the diaspora helping build Haiti's infrastructures is very feasible. If I was... read more >
Zac, 2-Aug-09 12:54 am
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