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You want the diaspora to ask the question "We the diaspora must all look at ourselves and ask what have we done for our Haiti lately."

Are you kidding me?

Haven't you realized without the diaspora Haiti would have sinked down the bottom of the ocean floor a longtime ago?

The diaspora represents a $1-point-plus billion a year industry to Haiti.

Shouldn't you be given the well deserved credit to the diaspora than ignoring the important role the diaspora plays in keeping Haiti's noze above the water?

Futhermore, it seems as though you want the diaspora to take a hard look at themeselves and see if they have been really helpful to the Haitian people back home, and therefore, you asked the following question "How have we improved the conditions of our people?"

I don't quite understand exactly what you really mean by that, but in case you have forgotten, the diaspora has done its best to improve the condition of our people back home.

For example, the diaspora is responsible to pay for majority of kids to go to school.

The diaspora build homes or pay rent/lease for their families in Haiti.

The diaspora helps their families to have businesses, maybe NOT to your standards, but nevertheless, it is something for them to do so they can feed their families.

The diaspora spent a lot of money to bring their love ones to the US, Canada, France, the Bahamas, etc...etc...

and the list goes on and on.

Mark, the diaspora can only help at "micro" (individually) level.

You are looking, however, for the diaspora to change the condition of life in Haiti on a "macro" (the entire country) level wich is impossible.

That is the job of the government.

This is where.

often times, Haitians go on the deepen of delusional thinking it is the diaspora and the people back home to build roads, electricity, health care, to reform the crapy school system, to clean up the streets, just the basic infrastructures.

We all know that government alone cannot do everything, however, what government can do, should do, and must do is very different from what civilians/citizens/the people can do. We, Haitians, seem to want to bypass the government responsibility and put everything on the sholder of the diaspora and the people back home. This really proves how incapable we are as a people to think rationally about the role of the government and the role of citizens.

In any society, the government must set the tone and provide the leadership necessary in order to change a country and move it to progress and prosperity.

Haiti doesn't have that.

For example, foreign investors and Haitian investors alike have the rights to refrain from investing and creating jobs in a country where electricity, telephone, and roads are almost nonexistant.

We must understand that business can't be done in the dark without power.

You need power to run those big equipments/machines.

You need a 21st century telephone system to communicate with distributors and clients around the world in order to market your products, it can't be done on cell phones, and you need roads to transport, to move the products, etc...


It is the government that provides this kind of infrastructure and not the people back home and the diaspora.

I know and I understand that we all are frustrated, disgusted, and even ashamed about the deplorable conditions of our country, but please people, don't say/write things down just to sound politically correct and sound nice. We need to be rational and realistic in our judgment and our frame of thought when addressing the problems of our country.

Understand that Haiti cannot and will never change without the leadership from the government that has the mandate to set the tone of the direction it wants to take the country to, and only then the people will follow, will contribute, and will participate.

Tiba, August 1 2009, 8:51 AM

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