Linda, I live in a nice city that is striving to be the # 1...

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I live in a nice city that is striving to be the # 1 place to live in New York state.

It is located between Syracuse and Buffalo.

Remember that I said that I travel to Haiti often due to a humanitarian project that I have in my hometown and that every year I take groups down there volunteering in the project.

Now we got that little confusion out of the way, we can now move to important things.

I think what you proposed is a brilliant idea except nobody knows yet who is/are running in 2011 except for that phony Montresor.

As you know already that candidates only have 3 months to campaign and they don't have to do much to get elected other than to claim to be a lavalas and they have the money to buy their way in.

Personally, I don't know anyone who may be running.

Hey Linda, come to think of it, what about that white guy, Charles Baker who ran last election?

He had a very good platform for Haiti but got booted out due mostly to his skin color, but I think he was sencere, honest and capable.

Let me know of anyone you think might be good for the country.

Let's do it!

Tiba, August 1 2009, 6:17 PM

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Linda, I live in a nice city that is striving to be the # 1 place to live in New York state. It is located between... read more >
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