Haiti and the future

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Recently I started reading "The black Jacobins" by C.L.R. James, it is an interesting book as I'm reading the book I'm beginning to understand the root of Haiti's problems.

Long before Haiti became a nation corruption was rampant among the colonists.

No governmental institutions was strong even back them.

The class problem, the color problem, corruptions, violence and weak institutional system can all be traced to the days when Haiti a was colony.

I know for sure that God gave everybody common sense and intelligence but it seems that most Haitians never learn to develop these attributes.

Which why some are always calling for dictators, anyone with the least bit of common sense would understand that a dictatorship never works.

Human beings have a God-given right to live their lives the way they please.

Haiti doesn't need a dictator, Haiti needs a smart competent leader who can come up with solutions while at the same time respecting people's rights.

We need a strong leader who can fight corruptions, crimes, mediocrity and poverty aggressively not a leader who's going to break the bones of Haitians.

My God where are the smart Haitians, of all the children that Haiti bore doesn't she have one that can lead her out of the wilderness?

Zac, July 29 2009, 11:30 PM

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Hans D, 30-Jul-09 12:22 am
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Zac, 30-Jul-09 11:22 pm
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Mark, 1-Aug-09 7:07 am
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Tiba, 1-Aug-09 8:51 am
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Linda, 1-Aug-09 11:36 am
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Tiba, 1-Aug-09 3:19 pm
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Clarus, 1-Aug-09 3:54 pm
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Linda, 1-Aug-09 4:37 pm
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Tiba, 1-Aug-09 6:17 pm
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Linda, 1-Aug-09 9:28 pm
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