Let's invest in Haiti

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I live in the US and I can't travel to Haiti right now. What type of business is available that I can do from here and how can I get loans to start a business in Haiti.

Please contact me at: redd_903 at yahoo.com


Carmelle Racine, August 25 2007, 10:52 PM

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Red 903: I would suggest that you consider "import/export" and start importing products made in Haiti to the US and... read more >
Bennett J. Doreus, 26-Aug-07 12:14 am
Yes also if we could heavily cultivate our agriculture like President Estime. Creating agricultutral unions... read more >
Brother L.k., 26-Aug-07 7:04 pm
I lived in Haiti in 1982 - 1984. I admired the woodwork and paintings. Who would I contact to buy some wholesale for... read more >
Mike, 13-Dec-08 2:34 pm
would you have more information on importing from Haiti? I'm interested in shipping rates/tariffs/customs, etc... read more >
Kim Ross, 3-Aug-09 9:46 pm


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