Tiba, I'm not sure if you already answered this question, but...

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Tiba, I'm not sure if you already answered this question, but I cannot for the life of me remember the answer, so I'm asking again ...

why have you not form your own political party.

So many of those people running for office don't have half the integrity and clear thinking about the role of government that you have. You would probably need some people around you who are very knowledgeable about different stuff, but I know that you would get them (I would probably volunteer to help you).

So, I'm asking the question, "why are you not running for the presidency, or why have you not selected someone you think is worthy of the presidency and helped them run (I don't think that question is well written, but you get the gist)?" I know you now live in Haiti, so what's stopping you from either choosing a candidate or becoming one. Let me just say, that if you were to do either of these two things (which I happen to think you should do), you would also have to learn to be a little more diplomatic.

On a personal level, I think you're great just the way you are, but for political office purposes, you would have to put some milk in your wine. If I'm right about you, keeping cool is probably something you could do if you really wanted to.

Linda, August 1 2009, 11:36 AM

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Tiba, I'm not sure if you already answered this question, but I cannot for the life of me remember the answer, so I'm... read more >
Linda, 1-Aug-09 11:36 am
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Tiba, 1-Aug-09 3:19 pm
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Zac, 2-Aug-09 12:54 am
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