What happenned in Trinidad was too bad!But, i don't think it's...

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What happenned in Trinidad was too bad!But, i don't think it's a duty for any haitian to denigrate your president, whether we like it or not Préval is our president.I, personally nothing will make me denigrate my president, just because i'm eating chiken in the U.S.Therefore, i won't join the denigration crew.Nobody's perfect, anybody can make a misstep anytime!Haiti is not an overseas department of the U.S.sO, DO NOT EXPECT ANY US PRESIDENT TO COME AND FIX HAITI FOR US, IT'S UP TO US ONLY US TO STAND AND CORRECT WHAT DESERVE TO BE CORRECTED.

WE HAVE A REPUTATION TO PRESERVE HEIRS OF 1804.Our ancestors didn't have no big diploma, and they achieved the independence of Haiti, but they did have the goodwill.

We must have the goodwill today so that we can save our dying, denigrating country!Calling our president names won't change the situation in Haiti, what we need is not people with big diploma, but without goodwill, what we do need is people with goodwill who can make things happenned for haiti even if we're not in power.Its time for change, to do so, it's not by denigrating each other, fighting each other, making new coup d'état, let the foreigners laught at us, because we're only good in doing things that can only move haiti backwards.It's time to make haiti move forwards.

Haiti can change if we do what we must.Stop pleasing haitian-haters, those who want to take Haiti from us.Our interests(haitians)must come first, nobody else's should, the interests of Haiti, our country must be on the top. Agriculture can make haiti move, let's do that!Let's count on us, not on others, that's what Dessalines, Toussaint,Christophe, Boukman,Makandal did!We can save our country if we want, our self-consciousness has to be in play.Our ancestors didn't go to washington for help, on the contrary, they help in Savannah.How great were we!We can be great again.Let's start working.It's no illusion, we can save our country with or without them. I stand by my president no matter what!

James, April 30 2009, 6:46 AM

Topic: Call Haitian embassy the closest to Preval!!!

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Jean Alix Jean-simon, 24-Apr-09 9:10 pm
Alain Charles Yes, my call is to have Haitian diaspora to call the Haitian Embassie of the country they live in to... read more >
Tiba, 25-Apr-09 9:48 am
I must say I am honored to be talking to a real Haitian, I understand eveything you say but maybe I didn't make myself... read more >
Alain Charles, 28-Apr-09 6:30 pm
Hey Alain, longtime no see! good to see you back. Alain, here's the reality for me. I came to US as an adult with not... read more >
Tiba, 29-Apr-09 8:24 am
What happenned in Trinidad was too bad!But,i don't think it's a duty for any haitian to denigrate your... read more >
James, 30-Apr-09 6:46 am
Bravo James! That was a very "uplifting" message you just delivered. So now, how exactly do you propose that we... read more >
Tiba, 30-Apr-09 7:22 am
I accept what you just said. First let me tell you a little bit about myself, I am a real Haitian living in Haiti, I... read more >
Alain Charles, 30-Apr-09 5:58 pm
First of all,if Haiti can do anything for itself,it wouldn't be the way it is.Second of all,thinking positive is not a... read more >
James, 30-Apr-09 6:56 pm
my name is johanne desir-elize i have called the embassy in washington to talk to a represantative that women didnt... read more >
Johanne Desir, 21-Jan-10 11:58 am
Usually I don't like to judge people. But reading your blog one thing comes to mind. YOU MUST BE SMOKING WEED. read more >
Ella, 21-Jan-10 12:09 pm
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