Hey Alain, longtime no see! good to see you back. Alain...

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Hey Alain, longtime no see! good to see you back.

Alain, here's the reality for me. I came to US as an adult with not much education.

While many of the people that I knew and grew up with were and are still chasing "money" and get rich, I, on the other hand, was chasing education.

There is no right or wrong in that, except people have priorities, and my priority happened to be education.

Like many other Haitians living in US have done, I spent great deal of time and countless hours in school and it paid off. Today, I am considered in the class of so-called "American intellectual class." I am now amongst those capable to find good jobs. I will no longer have to clean up the master's garbage and toilets.

I, personally, value education because like the ol'sayin "knowledge is power." And thank God I can now go toe-to-toe with the master challenging their concept, values, ethic, beliefs, philosophy, principle, etc...

I don't have to agree nor have to accept anything the slave master dump down my throat as the supreme truth anymore.

I am now a changed man mentally, intellectually, morally, philosophically, etc...

nothing is white and black to me anymore.

The time I used to think and believe that Haiti was capable to take on US militarily is gone. That's when I was still in Haiti.

The time I used to think and believe the place of a woman was in the kitchen is gone. That's when I was still in Haiti.

Where exactly I am going with this, you may ask. Well, simple! I went through that whole transformation, educating myself, and changed the primitive slave mentality that I had, to help my homeland, Haiti.

To help Haiti, Haitians need to strat changing their mentality, their way of thinking like, for example, only the white master can do wonders and accomplish the extraordinary.

Those Haitians in Haiti claim that the Haitian diri (rice) is no good therefore the rice from Miami is the best. Nothing from Haiti is goo no more anf because of that slave mentality Haitian purchase everything that come from overseas as a way, in my opinion, to glorify the master.

As a people, we need to wake up and get rid of this illusion and naivety we are fantasizing about and realize there isn't much we can do as individuals because the infrastructure is not there to allow us as citizens to do much. All we think about doing is mostly on a micro level.

My interest of Haiti's development is on the macro level.

I am NOT interested on no short-term-bandage solution for Haiti, but on a long-term development opportunity for ALL.

I, as an individual, will not empty my bank account to build/fix the National highway # 1 from P-A-P to Cap-Haitian.

I cannot move back to Haiti and change the school system, or create an health care system, or build a modern communication system, drinking water, electricity, etc. etc...

Yes, I can have a little soup kitchen somewhere to feed 5-25 children, but how does that change the whole country?

And for how long I'll be able to keep that little soup kitchen running?

Alain, I went through all of that rambling just to say plain and simple that the GOVERNMENT is the biggest barrier standing against Haiti moving forward.

The government is the big elephant in the room that stands in our way as a people to fix up the country and move it forward.

The government has the responsibility and the mandate to build the infrastructure needed in order for us to build on, and I wish Haitians can arrive to that reality.

Here in the US, Americans don't need to wait on the government to do much for them because the government has built the infrastructure needed allowing Americans to do for themselves and help others who are in need.

Here in the US, you can get money from the government, or from organizations, from businesses, even from rich individuals, to help those in need. How does anyone see that happening in Haiti?

I have called on Haitians diaspora to call Haitian embassies as a campaign to rant and vent about their frustration out to those ambassadors who are the closest to Preval, and they refuse to do that.

This would be a good start to shake up the government, but Haitians don't see any need for it, and yet, they want to go to Haiti and change everything overnight.

Being passive aggressive will not change Haiti because we have been talking about Haitians getting together to change Haiti since independence and we are still not able to that.

Tiba, April 29 2009, 8:24 AM

Topic: Call Haitian embassy the closest to Preval!!!

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Jean Alix Jean-simon, 24-Apr-09 9:10 pm
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Tiba, 25-Apr-09 9:48 am
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Alain Charles, 28-Apr-09 6:30 pm
Hey Alain, longtime no see! good to see you back. Alain, here's the reality for me. I came to US as an adult with not... read more >
Tiba, 29-Apr-09 8:24 am
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James, 30-Apr-09 6:46 am
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Tiba, 30-Apr-09 7:22 am
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Alain Charles, 30-Apr-09 5:58 pm
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James, 30-Apr-09 6:56 pm
my name is johanne desir-elize i have called the embassy in washington to talk to a represantative that women didnt... read more >
Johanne Desir, 21-Jan-10 11:58 am
Usually I don't like to judge people. But reading your blog one thing comes to mind. YOU MUST BE SMOKING WEED. read more >
Ella, 21-Jan-10 12:09 pm
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