Was the earthquake in Haiti engineered by the US?

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People are undestandbly upset by the ravages brought on the country by the devastating earthquake but I have to make some comments.

A scientist friend of mine told me that some people think the earthquake in Haiti was manufactured.

He asked me to research the HARRP project by googling HARRP.

I was able to research a few websites notably HARRP.net and was flabbergasted.

Chavez knows what he is talking about.

Prof M Chossudovsky from the University of Ottawa reported that both the US and Russia have technology enabling them to control the weather, control minds and provoke earthquakes in any part of the world by using radio frequency (RF) waves.

Already, in 1966, J F MacDonald reported the possibility of using these weapons for environmental warfare.

The technique is based on the fact that a small energy released in an unstable environment will produce catastrophic results.

I don't have the space nor the time to reproduce all the findings but I urge people who really want to know what happened to google HARRP and to read books on the subject such as "Angels don't play that HARRP".

Please don't accept simplistic explanations about the Enriquillo fault line: everywhere on the planet, there are some fault lines.

God bless!!!

Rintintin, January 21 2010, 12:26 PM

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