Alain Charles Yes, my call is to have Haitian diaspora to call...

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Alain Charles

Yes, my call is to have Haitian diaspora to call the Haitian Embassie of the country they live in to "rant and vent" their frustation out.

For to long Haitians have been "passive aggressive" in the plight for change in their country.

The time has come to move away from our "primitive" way of thinking and ambrass the modern time of thinking.

Alain, you call to forget about government interference, but instead we, as a people to help each other is exactly the "primitive" way of thinking, which will never get us anywhere as a people.

It is time that we, Haitians, learn about government responsibility, job and duty. Governments come to power to "protect and to serve" their people, and not the other way around.

An embassy represents its country and its people.

When you walk into the Haitian Embassy in Freeport, or in US, Canada, etc...

it is like you are in your country, Haiti.

Ambassadors are there to come to the rescue of their people living in those foreign countries, and they also have for mission to represent their country, to defend the interest of their countries.

We need to start being so scared to talk with the Haitian government through its embassies overseas.

I know these ambassadors are not doing their job effectively, I know they don't give a rat *ss to their Haitian citizens living abroad, etc...

but we need to share the blame of their incompetence and mediocrity by staying silent and disengaged.

Helping a Haitian filling out a welfare application in US. is fine and noble, but tell me how this is going to move Haiti forward.

We need to stop looking at things in a "micro" (individually) way, but rather in a "macro" level that will benefit the entire country.

My line of work consists totally about helping people every day. I cannot count how many Haitians who come to my office (agency) every day looking for help, but how does that help Haiti.

I am helping Haitians to build a good life in US while poverty is still rampant in Haiti and despair is becoming the norm in Haiti.

We need to change course!

I know that I ramble a lot, but do you get my drift?

Tiba, April 25 2009, 9:48 AM

Topic: Call Haitian embassy the closest to Preval!!!

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Jean Alix Jean-simon, 24-Apr-09 9:10 pm
Alain Charles Yes, my call is to have Haitian diaspora to call the Haitian Embassie of the country they live in to... read more >
Tiba, 25-Apr-09 9:48 am
I must say I am honored to be talking to a real Haitian, I understand eveything you say but maybe I didn't make myself... read more >
Alain Charles, 28-Apr-09 6:30 pm
Hey Alain, longtime no see! good to see you back. Alain, here's the reality for me. I came to US as an adult with not... read more >
Tiba, 29-Apr-09 8:24 am
What happenned in Trinidad was too bad!But,i don't think it's a duty for any haitian to denigrate your... read more >
James, 30-Apr-09 6:46 am
Bravo James! That was a very "uplifting" message you just delivered. So now, how exactly do you propose that we... read more >
Tiba, 30-Apr-09 7:22 am
I accept what you just said. First let me tell you a little bit about myself, I am a real Haitian living in Haiti, I... read more >
Alain Charles, 30-Apr-09 5:58 pm
First of all,if Haiti can do anything for itself,it wouldn't be the way it is.Second of all,thinking positive is not a... read more >
James, 30-Apr-09 6:56 pm
my name is johanne desir-elize i have called the embassy in washington to talk to a represantative that women didnt... read more >
Johanne Desir, 21-Jan-10 11:58 am
Usually I don't like to judge people. But reading your blog one thing comes to mind. YOU MUST BE SMOKING WEED. read more >
Ella, 21-Jan-10 12:09 pm
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