First of all, if Haiti can do anything for itself, it wouldn't...

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First of all, if Haiti can do anything for itself, it wouldn't be the way it is. Second of all, thinking positive is not a prerogative to everybody else except for haitians!Being a little bit optimistic is not a sin.When we consider the accomplishment of some individuals who didn't go to schools in the 19th century, i must not lose faith in myself, no other haitians should, considering the extent of Haiti difficulties, denigrating the country is denigrating myself, i shouldn't be afraid to make a stand for my country, or my president, or the haitian people.I'm no renegade, i'm a proud haitian because a haitian, to me, is as human as anybody else.
Fixing Haiti again is no illusion.

Haiti has a lot of natural ressources, why don't we exploit them instead of waiting for slim financial aid from so-called aiders.Why don't we have real friends who can help us fixing stuff in Haiti, even in security matter.Why don't we
invest in agriculture, if any haitian government decide to invest in it, financial aid could be found within Haiti.How many government
employees do we have in Haiti, if,for example,20 000 "sac de riz" is sold every month, how much money can be made in a year.
Countries that developped didn't abandon agriculture, and frankly, my friend, agriculture is exactly where we should start.I'm not going to blame president Préval for all the wrong in Haiti, and for the becoming of myself, and other haitians.

We are all responsible
for what haiti has become, and also i don't deny the way Haiti has been governed by haitian leaders for many years, we choose to be what we become with the help of "Imperialism".When we decide to act and behave differently, we'll be respected.

Haitians are not respected anywhere, some haitians simply deny who they are, refuse to say who they are.What president Préval has, is an inheritance of many years of neglect, Port-au-prince has 2 000 000 people, many slums, shanty towns are rampant, those are not the PRESIDENT'S fault.

I admit that there are certain things he could have done, but he didn't.To solve Haiti's problems billions are needed, who are going to give haiti that sum, noone,that's why we should start with agriculture.

President Préval is not the reason why i'm eating chicken, he didn't give me no residence after 300 years of waiting.

If he was responsible for that, i would thank him everyday.

I have no complex of inferiority, Taiwan is a small island that is listed as an economic power, people there are as human as haitians, but they don't act like us, it took them 10 years of hard work to become what they become, they didn't abandon their agriculture, and did many other things for their country.They do for their country because their country can't do for itself.That's what we should do to fix Haiti.

We want a better president, for that, the education system must be improved.The people there must be educated as well.
To err is human, don't blame president Préval for everything wrong in Haiti, neither do the haitian goverment.I'm a proud haitian, a human being with dignity who is worried and concerned about Haiti.The US is not my country, neither do any haitian.

Change can be made.,if we want, when we want.It's up to us, only us. nobody else is going to fix it for us.

James, April 30 2009, 6:56 PM

Topic: Call Haitian embassy the closest to Preval!!!

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Jean Alix Jean-simon, 24-Apr-09 9:10 pm
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Tiba, 25-Apr-09 9:48 am
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Alain Charles, 28-Apr-09 6:30 pm
Hey Alain, longtime no see! good to see you back. Alain, here's the reality for me. I came to US as an adult with not... read more >
Tiba, 29-Apr-09 8:24 am
What happenned in Trinidad was too bad!But,i don't think it's a duty for any haitian to denigrate your... read more >
James, 30-Apr-09 6:46 am
Bravo James! That was a very "uplifting" message you just delivered. So now, how exactly do you propose that we... read more >
Tiba, 30-Apr-09 7:22 am
I accept what you just said. First let me tell you a little bit about myself, I am a real Haitian living in Haiti, I... read more >
Alain Charles, 30-Apr-09 5:58 pm
First of all,if Haiti can do anything for itself,it wouldn't be the way it is.Second of all,thinking positive is not a... read more >
James, 30-Apr-09 6:56 pm
my name is johanne desir-elize i have called the embassy in washington to talk to a represantative that women didnt... read more >
Johanne Desir, 21-Jan-10 11:58 am
Usually I don't like to judge people. But reading your blog one thing comes to mind. YOU MUST BE SMOKING WEED. read more >
Ella, 21-Jan-10 12:09 pm
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