Though I am a Viet Nam Veteran, I was never actively in the US...

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Though I am a Viet Nam Veteran, I was never actively in the US Army though I worked in concert with all of the different branches of the armed forces.

If you should know, at one time, I also worked in Haiti, handling intelligence PAYROLL, if you know what I mean. I worked and still work for the Government in the capacity of EHM. Again, you really do not know what these acronyms mean and I wont tell you either.

However, I will tell you this. I am closer to you than you think.

I know every step that you take each day of the week. In fact, I joined this Blog after listening to your nonsensical BS and reading all of your idiotic response as the blog moderator.

Also as a result of my position, I was able to locate the following information on you as I had on "TOTO".

I know that you do not know TOTO but you have heard of him. Here is a brief of your Curiculum Vitae.

Felony arrest records; number of failed relationships/marriages; Dragging you to court for child support; Always acting and thinking that you are still a JOINT SMOKING FLANNEUR instead of becoming gainfully employed to take care of your responsibilities.

I am still trying to determibne why you have not been deported to your beautiful country after so many criminal offenses.


I do. I am now making this my utmost priority to determine how you were able to fall through the cracks by not being deported.

ICE is not supposed to make these types of mistakes and I have to prepare and forward a report to DC and mention your case as example.

Oh, I forgot, for most people, you can hide by the name of "Ti-Rouge", But for me, it is an impossibility since I have access to your digital 10. "Again, you should know what I mean".

Let me give you one more clue which you should also take as advice.

Do not attempt to do the deal that you are now considering.

This would be a gross miscalculation on your part and would be considered as the icing on the cake. This means 10 to 20 plus expulsion.

You see now, this proves that I know you well. If you should think that I am bluffing, DONT, because I shall create a blog myself, showing all interested parties all of the above pertinent data as they relate to you, including but not limited to your MUG SHOTS.

Bye _____________ AKA/TI-ROUGE.


Mario Mothersil, July 21 2008, 5:20 PM

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Will Rosenberg, 21-Jul-08 11:54 pm
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Mario Mothersil, 22-Jul-08 9:16 am
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