Then you yourself my friend would be in violation of your...

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Then you yourself my friend would be in violation of your authority by creating this blog. And though an illegal immigrant may not hold inalienable rights of the land, but upholding the the right to privacy does not remain within the limit of those who are only actual citizens of the land.

The rights to Privacy and even Freedom of speech is general and more so with foreigners at times if it will not even become in conjunction with Human Rights Laws and Violations that is without mentioning the jurisdiction providence of what the provision of the Geneva Convention allows you to not do as a U.S Governmental employee.

Thus I am sure you have heard of Abu Grahib, Iraq. I am not sure if showboating is your MO but perhaps you were not even aware that you have just discredited yourself as any plausible fact behind any truth that you could have been who you say you are.

Indeed you have compromised yourself on or via a recorded medium that has you issuing a direct threat as motive to another person making this fallible to succeed on your part and to hold out in any Court of the law as this will be seeing instead as motivated agitated persecution that or than it would with any other creditability.

P.S: I am wondering if you are actually that stupid.

Or is there a chic on this blog in particular you are trying to impress that persecuting this guy with your showboating has to be a must?

Guys like you are exactly who we do not want in the US Government and take it from a creditable source that is me telling you to "CHECK YOUR LANE!"

How copy?


And WILCO is all I need from you for a reply.

If you do not know that, look it up in your accorded FM's and SOP or SOI

Bwamjoli Jolibwam, July 21 2008, 6:38 PM

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Then you yourself my friend would be in violation of your authority by creating this blog. And though an illegal... read more >
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