Lione - Thanks for the advice but I am not worried about tax...

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Lione - Thanks for the advice but I am not worried about tax laws in other countries but the USofA and Haiti.

I aint talking about government programs.

Why do most Haitians think government is the only way out?

Haitian government aint got no magic wand! Forget about government; I am talking about personal involvement here from the elite toward a country's future.

What Boisrond Canal said is valid today as it was 100+ years ago. No elite or foreigners melted into the general population to any great extent.

The german merchants were the only ones who inter-married but only prior to the 1918 constitution.

True a great deal of the elite did flee their homeland of instead of bowing down in front of the dictatorship, however the core elite went nowhere: the levantine immigrants and their descendants are still there in Haiti: the Assad, the Merove, the Deeb ect..The last time I checked all the elite german descendants are still there also. When it comes to the French mulatto descendents, original and authentic as they are, are still kicking it in Haiti-Thomas: Manteque, Duchatelier, Dufort, Paquin, Blanchet ect..ect...ect...All involved in the commerce and import/export business based on data from the late 1970's till today.

According to research done by Michel Laguerre published in " American Odyssey Haitians in New York City" your argument is unsupported.

The core Haitian elite never left Haiti for the USofA even in the sixty's as you mentioned.

I aint talking about the past, I am referring to historical facts and historical events and their lasting consequences on Haiti's today.

The past may be gone but history never dies.
The new Haitian elite have earned their money outside of Haiti is a misinformation.

What Haiti attracted as immigrants are most of the time carpetbaggers: people who intentionnally immigrated to Haiti to get rich.
I am afraid you are seriously mistaken on many issues.

In the meantime, have a nice day!

Rubens F. Titus, March 1 2008, 11:19 PM


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