Mr Valcourt, is that the way you want to participate in this...

Zo Joachym - January 10 2008, 4:30 AM

Mr Valcourt, is that the way you want to participate in this blog?

To be rude, and sacarstic! I may disagree with the previous post on how to handle the infectecd dominaican birds.

But we can not ignore the fact that PEPADEP has killed all the pigs in Haiti including the one not affected.

Do you forget that slogan of Radio National: "40 pou gro, 20 pou moyen, 10 pou piti" or somethinh to that effect?

Are you being sacartic by saying our "dear dominicans".

Do you forget the massacre of 40, 000 haitians in RD. Are you aware of the mistreatment of haitian "braceros' and their born dominican children, the constant humiliation of haitian students in RD?

Probably you are not aware of the troubles our business women facce whern they go shopping there.

This is not false sens of patriotism if we raised valid issues.

Are you aware that most of haitian goverment employees do not jo their job..Ironically you agree with Louis that H5N1 is a serious health and ecological concerns.

Can we politely disagree with someone and show some civility?.

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