It appears you have a lot of unsettled issues with the...

Bernard Valcourt - January 9 2008, 1:20 PM

It appears you have a lot of unsettled issues with the "Dominicans", the "Americans" or the "Haitian Government Employees.

I'd say, get over This isn't about futile patrotism for patriotism sake. It's about a real health and ecological threat facing the humankind and we therefore shouldn't drag our petty "paranoid conspiracy theory viewpoints" into it.

That said, the Haitian health minister, I don't think has enough exposure worldwide in order to focalize peoples attention on this umost urgent matter.

It will take the resolve of "Ti Rene" himself to begin mobilizing the international support apparatus we have available, it seems.

I mean MINUSTAH, USAID, PAM, WHO and the UN.

and of course, while we're at it, why not our so friendly neighbors...those dear "Dominicans".


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