Yes Max, Haitians are, have been easier target than the other...

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Yes Max, Haitians are, have been easier target than the other ethnic minority immigrants living abroad.

We are known as hard working, no trouble makers, in most instances.

In immigrant cummunities in the US, even Caribbeaners have made it an habit insulting, messing with us at random, following their white masters' order.

Many ignorant, arrogant Jamaicans, are our second worst persecutors in the US. Second only to whities.

As one of those posters had put it, the bully (white America) will never stop bullying harassing us, unless one day we get out of our usual shell, and have swift reactions, rather than simply being passive, asking them to stop harassing us. White America has a history of insulting Haitians throughout our history, unprovoked.

The VIETNAMESE didn't simply ask them to stop, they gave them a taste of their own medicine.

With these AIDS burden on our people, Haitian governements have been contradicting their duties and responsibilties protecting our reputation, even further domages from these rants of our nation.

& Haiti has, what I call a SUICIDAL diplomatic laws with many countries on the planet, including the UNITED SNAKES, by allowing their citizens to get into our country with only a passport, birth certificate, other relevent identifications, and an air plane ticket.

NO HEALTH CHECK, whatsoever.

We all know it's the reverse when we try to get legal allowance into their countries; we have to go through so many hustles, including many rediculous health diagnosis.

The logic from decent leaders of our country would be, since we are being accused of, and, if we were so sick, they should take whatever measure necessary in order to prevent the spread of, aggravation of a desease, including preventing other potential risks of infection from foreigners visiting, getting into, blending in with the population.

But as we all know, that's not the case. Who would know if a visiting American, Canadian, French, Argentine, Jew, English, German, Australian, Deutch, Spaniard, Portuguese, even a Dominican, Jamaican, etc, posses an imminent health risk to our population?

When our illiterate, desperate, naive country men are always currious, eager to have sex with paying aliens.

Who cares about their well being?

What if said country's citizen while visiting the land of Dessalines, intended to inlfict serious health domages to our compatriots.

Whose gonna protect the already accused, alleged SICKS from getting sickers by reckless, the usual cold bloodedness, calculated crimes from an American psycho, for instance?


WHY NOT RENE GRACIA PREVAL, for a beggining?

Are there any anticipations, preventive initiatives to those threats to our citizens, in Haiti?

Either way, we are, and have been on our own, having the bitter end of the stick, on both ends of the spectrum.

Sheeps without sheepherds, ever vulnerable.

Easily preyed on mercilessly & our relentless enemies, the WHITE AMERICANS, are well aware of these vulnarabilities, as fact.

Shell shocking man! If you don't value you own life, evidently, no one will.

Boje Lwijan, November 8 2007, 5:32 PM

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I agree with you, Linda. Although, I am not old enough to evaluate some governments, I can safely said that Haiti... read more >
Max Johnson Fgb, 8-Nov-07 4:19 pm
amen sister! the rich always take advantage of the illerate poor unless the elite hatians pull together and do... read more >
Marie, 8-Nov-07 4:42 pm
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Fki, 8-Nov-07 5:18 pm
The fki was a typing error. Yes I am aware of the capabilities of the NSA. read more >
Flo, 8-Nov-07 5:25 pm
Yes Max, Haitians are, have been easier target than the other ethnic minority immigrants living abroad. We are known... read more >
Boje Lwijan, 8-Nov-07 5:32 pm
Dear Marie, I appreciate your positive feedback, but the religious issue is one to take up with Flo. I DON'T MIX... read more >
Linda, 8-Nov-07 5:40 pm
Hi Codo. I liked what you wrote. It did provide food for thought. I'm rushing now, but will think on all your points... read more >
Linda, 8-Nov-07 5:54 pm
You got it right, brother. More and more Haitians are realizing our situation in AmeriKKKa. The obvious question is ... read more >
Max Johnson Fgb, 9-Nov-07 9:03 am
Hi Max; I'm sorry but I don't have an answer for you. I am doing what I can at the individual level, but no matter... read more >
Linda, 9-Nov-07 5:11 pm
Linda, I understand your outburst and frustration. But calling the president a "drunken fool" is utterly... read more >
Charles St Clair, 10-Nov-07 6:20 pm
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