i am aware of the capabilities of the nsa

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I believe it was Charlmers Jhonson who wrote the book "Nemesis the last days of the American Empire" where I read that all an adversary had to do was to fry the computer chips and America would become death and blind and their guided missiles useless.

Or deliver a lot of bags of gravel in space to level the field and render all those satellites useless.

Anyway they are not interested in us. They are occupied right now with the Arabs (trying to squeeze that oil really cheap out of those old relics from the stone age) mainly because the dollar is no longer backed by gold but oil sovereignty according to Perkins book anyway.

But Americans always have something up their sleeves sort of speak anyway.

My father has always said that our impetuous behavior will bring about his demise.

I will try not to and will pass on your message to my "alien spawn sister from hell" and big brother "Cassanova begging to get AIDS" All jokes aside one thing I learned though at a very young age on the American school ground is that if you do not fight back, you will become a victim, your self esteem can only take so many blows.

But I refused to be victimized.

I still refuse to be a victim.

Different Internet cafes at different time frame and a fictitious e-mail name and address would be the best solution if one wanted to be reckless.

Fki, November 8 2007, 5:18 PM

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I agree with you, Linda. Although, I am not old enough to evaluate some governments, I can safely said that Haiti... read more >
Max Johnson Fgb, 8-Nov-07 4:19 pm
amen sister! the rich always take advantage of the illerate poor unless the elite hatians pull together and do... read more >
Marie, 8-Nov-07 4:42 pm
I believe it was Charlmers Jhonson who wrote the book "Nemesis the last days of the American Empire" where I read that... read more >
Fki, 8-Nov-07 5:18 pm
The fki was a typing error. Yes I am aware of the capabilities of the NSA. read more >
Flo, 8-Nov-07 5:25 pm
Yes Max, Haitians are, have been easier target than the other ethnic minority immigrants living abroad. We are known... read more >
Boje Lwijan, 8-Nov-07 5:32 pm
Dear Marie, I appreciate your positive feedback, but the religious issue is one to take up with Flo. I DON'T MIX... read more >
Linda, 8-Nov-07 5:40 pm
Hi Codo. I liked what you wrote. It did provide food for thought. I'm rushing now, but will think on all your points... read more >
Linda, 8-Nov-07 5:54 pm
You got it right, brother. More and more Haitians are realizing our situation in AmeriKKKa. The obvious question is ... read more >
Max Johnson Fgb, 9-Nov-07 9:03 am
Hi Max; I'm sorry but I don't have an answer for you. I am doing what I can at the individual level, but no matter... read more >
Linda, 9-Nov-07 5:11 pm
Linda, I understand your outburst and frustration. But calling the president a "drunken fool" is utterly... read more >
Charles St Clair, 10-Nov-07 6:20 pm
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