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Once again, the american establishment has shown its ugly side when it comes to dealing with minorities, especially Haitians.

A few days ago, Dr. Michael Gottlieb declared that Haitians were responsible for bringing the AIDS virus to North America and Europe after he analyzed DNA patterns of the blood samples of early AIDS victims in Florida and in California.

He submitted that Haitians got the virus in 1966 from Africa and brought it to the United States in 1969. From there, it ended up to Canada and Western Europe.

We got to ask ourselves, what is the real motivation of such revelation.

After all, AIDS is almost essentially a behavioral disease.

If you don't have risky sexual contacts, you are not going to get the virus.

Yet, Dr. Gottlieb seemed adamant to blame Haitians and Africans for the start of the pandemic.

It is evident Dr. Michael "Third Reich" Gottlieb is trying once again to attack the black population in general and Haitians in particular.

What he doesn't mention though is that the virus was discovered in the blood samples of an American student in the early 1960s and, therefore, his whole theory is full of hole at the very best and racist to say the least.

Once every so often, some racist quacks, hiding under the banner of classical science, comes up with theories to justify their racist views.

Almost invariably, they pray on the weak and the poor. Make no mistake about it, Dr. Gottlieb wouldn't attack the Jews because he knows the reaction would be strong and instantaneous.

They would demand his head. Yet, he has no fear attacking Haitians because of our weaknesses.

I urge all Haitians in the United States and everywhere in the world to get together and take him to court to explain his racist views.

He need to pay a price for his reckless statements.

Otherwise, it's back to square one.
God bless!

Max Johnson Fgb, November 1 2007, 11:01 AM

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