Linda, I understand your outburst and frustration. But calling...

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I understand your outburst and frustration.

But calling the president a "drunken fool" is utterly disrespectful.

Don't call people names, learn better to make your point convincingly.

I don't know all the details about the reason why you are so frustracted, but I have to tell you that AIDS is a bigger issue than you think.

It requires so much resources and money to tackle it. Even here in the US, AIDS remains a formidable foe and the prognostics are not that great.

We have to think this through for many reasons: 1) It takes an insfracture that Haiti does not have; 2) There are powerful pharmaceutical concerns that are manupilating the situation; 3) It takes a well designed plan to make a succesful attempt at solving this problem.

May be you are mad because the president is not even attempting the third bullet or making an effort to ask for help. Granted, Haiti is a small country, AIDS containment should have been easier.

I understand the puzzlement about nothing being done to eradicate this scourge among us, but we are fighting so many cultural factors that makes it difficult to get rid of this.

To start, let make a plausible plan to tackle the problem and may be we can propose it to the president or the world community at large.

Charles St Clair, November 10 2007, 6:20 PM

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Linda, 8-Nov-07 5:40 pm
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Linda, 8-Nov-07 5:54 pm
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Max Johnson Fgb, 9-Nov-07 9:03 am
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Linda, 9-Nov-07 5:11 pm
Linda, I understand your outburst and frustration. But calling the president a "drunken fool" is utterly... read more >
Charles St Clair, 10-Nov-07 6:20 pm
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