La Politique Haitienne Est Une Malproprete

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Haitian politics sucks and Haitians in the Diaspora need to stay away from Haiti's dirty politics to get a living in their own country.

One of the bloggers, I believe that it was Marjory Middy who had provided a year ago a wise advice to another blogger who kept criticizing Haiti where she stated in her argumentations that Haiti has a lot of areas of work besides of politics to fill in case someone needs to make a living there.

It is the truth and the whole truth.

You can be a target by both camps which are the CIA's camp that wants Haiti to remain a backyard of the United States and the elites' camp that want to maintain the statu quo as it is.

You can get deliberately killed in any streets of Haiti for doing nothing wrong.

Both camps do not want Haitians in the Diaspora to return home. The CIA wants us to stay in the United States to work as slaves to make their unfair economic system works as being minorities.

They want us to be segregated around the polluted concentrated cities filled with chemical pollutants, drugs, gangsters and crime activities that do not create room for our own children to get a good education.

Whereas the Haitian elites want us to stay in the United States to make their banks, transfer money locations, rental cars and hotel places work in Haiti and in the U.S. as well.

They will never create jobs to reduce the Haitian Diaspora's Welfare as imposed and forced on us despite the many bills that we have to pay here. We are the slaves of both camps and that is why I state that Haitian politics sucks and it does not make sense to be part of it. I hope that you do understand it. Look Aristide whom many people believed was an outsider in politics married Mildred Trouillot a relative of Ertha Pascal Trouillot.

Preval married a Delatour and who knows if Michel Martelly's wife is not a member of the statu quo regime.

Our constitution was crafted by a Duvalierist member in the name of Dr. Louis Roy and what's that tells you?

After Duvalier comes another Duvalier with another name and another face.

Aristide is a Duvalierist and it has taken a Duvalierist like Ertha Trouillot who had to negotiate secretly his return.

What type of double standard are you arguing here?

My friend, open your eyes and understand what's going on. Nan malproprete sa ou dwe mande pou tout salopri yo retounen e bayo peyi a pou yo ka kontinye volo. Abraham a gen pou li di yon jou enough is enough tande!

Toulimen Legrand, March 27 2011, 1:50 PM

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