Jean, I don't believe in violence and hatred ideology. I am...

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Jean, I don't believe in violence and hatred ideology.

I am not saying that you are wrong thinking it that way, but we can do it in another way. I believe that both the oppressed Haitians and the Haitian oppressors lose their humanity and we need to come up with a workable plan to make things better for all. I don't believe in the extinction of one particular group to solve our own social economic ills. We need to be smart to make wise decisions.

We need to invest in science, research and technology to develop our country and we can do that.

We need to put in place a good government that can implement the rule of law to make things work and we can do it. Once we know the true problems of Haiti and we point them out to others, I believe we can work out a new social pact to develop Haiti.

First, America needs to stop thinking that Haiti is its backyard that it can use its CIA killing machine against all Haitian dissidents who oppose to America's politics.

Haitians will never be American slaves as they may have thought of it. A good government should train Haitians to monitor the work of those foreigners in Haiti and if they are not aimed for economic development purposes they should be expelled from Haiti.

A good political leader will say that enough is enough and Haitians will not die in vain whether it is to serve the interests of the U.S. and the Haitian political and economic elites.

Next, the economic and political elites should stop recruiting hit men to kill Haitian dissidents.

We need to unite ourselves and denounce this sort of dirty politics to free Haiti from this oppression.

Lastly, we need to invest in humans as one of our greatest asset that we have in Haiti if we want to develop Haiti.

We need to come up with an egalitarian society where women can be treated as equals to the men in all economic sectors in Haiti.

We can do it and we will do it for we are all suffering whether we are the oppressors or the oppressed ones. Hope you understand it my friend.

May the Almighty One apease your heart and take away the hatred, and killing as well as the anger.

I am mad but not at this point.

Hope you find some comfort and relax!

Toulimen, March 27 2011, 9:29 PM

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