I agree with most of your assertions and I would add that...

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I agree with most of your assertions and I would add that greed, ignorance and selfishness brought the world to its knees.

If the world was filled with several Castros, it would be a better place for all of us to leave.

Rich conservative people have no humanity in them. They are wasting money in many material goods just to satisfy their needs but they don't waste their money or wealth on humans.

We just learn that the two weeks U.S. intervention in Lybia just cost $600 Millions dollars and that money could have been invested in America to help students paying down their loans instead of using it to kill more people there.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cost billions of dollars to America where its students are being bankrupt every days, weeks and months.

Poor minorities are working like animals in all U.S. factories to produce the wealth they are wasting outside of the United States.

I just spoke to a friend who said to me that it is better to borrow money to study while being bankrupt than working like animals in those factories to satisfy the needs of those greedy and selfish rich conservative republicans in America.

He said Toulimen, I am an American born but I never plan to retire and die in America.

I said if you could say that what would I say myself?

As poor people, we don't have and will never have the means to fight against the protected wealthy people of Haiti.

Rich conservatives all around the world are living in perfect communion to keep more people in poverty and there will be nothing that one can do to prevent or stopping that. Republicans own guns and they will always supply guns to any rich elites to fight you my friend so be careful! Let's take the dialogue road to talk to those greedy, ignorant and selfish rich people of Haiti for a better lifestyle and an egalitarian society for all Haitians in Haiti.

May the Almighty One spread his uncounted blessings on you! Take care!

Toulimen Legrand, March 28 2011, 6:41 PM

Topic: La Politique Haitienne Est Une Malproprete

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I agree with most of your assertions and I would add that greed, ignorance and selfishness brought the world to its... read more >
Toulimen Legrand, 28-Mar-11 6:41 pm


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