Outchhh, Toulimen? Toulimen the most vibrant man in this blog...

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Outchhh, Toulimen?

Toulimen the most vibrant man in this blog?

Lately i don't understand your reaction with live motions concerning Haiti.

So far i can only suspect that you are sick of Haiti situation and problems.

Sincerly in the past i used to believe Haitian politics are easy and simple, but after years of observation i realize Haitians are like chronic diseases starting with cancer, madness ect...

(Than again that problem is global)
Just go with the flow, in case you cannot takes it like ordinary folks, just close your eyes.
People think i don't have an heart cause of my believes with violence to fix Haiti.

Like i always said, the only cure Haiti have with his deseases,(even you Toulimen always tell me to come down)to kill everyone involved in duty politics.

We need to gather heavy weapons and start fighting until these assholes are six feet down below.

Remember the Spain general Franco.

(Spain was a corrupt country, politicans and merchants just like Haiti today)
He took charge and clean Spain of his deseases.It's not going to be the same for Haiti(cause Haiti only have idiot on his head for generals since the 1900's.well we don't have politician with balls.Us, the people can clean the country.

We need smart guys and women to save Haiti from whatever enemies.

It is very easy to kill everyone of them in no time to free Haiti.

REmember .C.I.A cannot kill 9 million don't use that as an excuse to cover your rear like dog with is tail.
Beside, what is life in slavery?

The whole human race is under control.

Have a purpose to die for.
Don't stay in the corner to observe while the prize is yours.

I Jean Pierre Alexandre will kill for Haiti.

Jean Pierre Alexandre, March 27 2011, 5:18 PM

Topic: La Politique Haitienne Est Une Malproprete

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Outchhh,Toulimen? Toulimen the most vibrant man in this blog? Lately i don't understand your reaction with live... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 27-Mar-11 5:18 pm
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Toulimen, 27-Mar-11 9:29 pm
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Jean Pierre Alexandre, 28-Mar-11 7:11 am
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Toulimen Legrand, 28-Mar-11 6:41 pm


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