Toulimen, it's logical but not practical what you have said...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - March 28 2011, 7:11 AM

Toulimen, it's logical but not practical what you have said.
The Haitians ennemies are not joking, go back in the 1800's,1900's follows the change in Duvalier's time.
I am not a violent person yet or do have severe hatred in me, but i witnesses alot of injustice around the world, but i concentrate in Haiti affairs and i have the right to be mad.
Science will never correct or change people behavior, not now, not in a thouzand years.

We are a confuse species with no goal, no rendez_vous in this planet.

Religions are useless, every Government on this planet are useless.Just think deeply with the human race failure toward knowledge of love.
Material is every man dreams.

This will bring the planet to a global conflict with no end, and the process started long ago.

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Jean, I don't believe in violence and hatred...


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