People of all ages are equal in the eyes of God, so this is...

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People of all ages are equal in the eyes of God, so this is not supposed to be the matter of a really person to be elected President of Any Country or nations.

Even I will support who ever win the presidency of this great nation which is the mother of liberation for many other countries in the world.

Deeply respect your opinion of so-called old people, but this is kind of a little discriminatory, unethical, and even immoral anti old people.

I don't care old or young as long as this person is honest, reliable, and available to serve the nation with dignity, respect, and self-esteem then the question of age will unwise to support.

Veverthless, I like the program and planning strategic that Michel Martelly has been proposed; it seems that he is willing to change the figure of this country to bring justice and security to all to restore the judiciary system and to halt at least the misery of my brothers and sisters.

We should not look age as the etiquette on some one life rather than the maturity to give experiences.

Both candidates are in good shape to win the election on Sunday March 20th, 2011, but this politic no one can sure of predicting the outcome that is why it call politic.

Let wait to see tomorrow who will have the majority of the vote to be the president of Haiti?

Haitians, this is the moment we all have to change the course of history let stand together with unity to make it happened.

Don't complaint about other nations or people we are Haitians until we learn to appreciate, respect, and support one another we will never make it. It has come time where the spirit wanted many people to think that curses are due to others that don't want them to succeed.

The truth is that your success is in your hands, but how do you handle and use it?

Haitians, my brothers and sisters, wake up, wake up, and stand up for the reality of resolving our problem.

We are the problem, yes you and I; and no one else stop blaming people like Adam and eve in the garden of Eden blaming each other for their mistake did not want to take responsibility of errors.

Yes we are all guilty of the Haiti's problem and fall short of its solution.

I am not going to sleep tonight until tomorrow morning to see my people taking the street not to burn fires but to vote for the new president.

Give my brothers and sisters the right message, a revolutionary, patriotism, and nationalism message to go to school learn to be some body in this society; teach them not to take the street bear foot, hungry, sick, thirsty, naked, to cry for some crazy leader who live a life of luxury and they suffering in poverty.

People all over the world I am a God fear Servant I spoke for all nations, I am a voice for poor and rich people of all races.

Finally, it is important not to wait for change but for a revolution where as the poor people will have a share of the wealth; take out Communism of the picture, but freedom, equality, justice, social economic and prosperity for my brothers and sisters around the world.

If becoming President, the system will be equal blessing, opportunity, share, justice, for all because we are all children of God. Don't believe in the Gospel of resignation to see me as Pastor be rich and the members poor to give me the little nothing they have. This is me and where I stand, so help me God. speaking from the bottom of the heart, praying always for the United States of America that has opened its doors to all nations especially to My Haitians Brothers and sisters; therefore, United States Congress in accord with the President are under the law of God to honor people of all faith in this land without prejudice and injustice.

Wanting not be out of context, all Haitians are called to serve their country, and to be a leader que se soit moune lavil ou moune andeyo, tout moune se pitit Bondye.

Never underestimated the power of faithful man and woman of God. It doesn't matter of being man or woman as long as, old or young, God' s plan is authoritative.

I am not smart person, but receiving a Doctorate Degree in theology, associate degree in Law, and now enrolling in BABS program should not make me stupid like many of you think! Choosing to be a humanist, humanitarian, and mediator is not the choice wanted, but the will of my Father in Heaven.

Preaching over tow thousand messages in the christian world is not an easy task ; with God everything is possible, everyday is planed by God for the Saint who tell the truth.

Finally, good luck to both candidates: Mr. Martelly and Mrs. Manigat.

May God bless you all in this difficult moment of choice.

God loves and so do I.

Sincerely yours,

Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr.

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., March 19 2011, 10:18 PM

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People of all ages are equal in the eyes of God, so this is not supposed to be the matter of a really person to be... read more >
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