Hey Tiba, don't make fun of old people, I bet as a good...

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Hey Tiba, don't make fun of old people, I bet as a good Haitian diaspora you are probably working 2 jobs in a nursing home! So you see old people DO CREATE jobs at least for Haitian Americans who can then transfer the money to their families in Haiti!

And as for Mickey, you are right, he creates jobs too but unfortunately not for Haitians, not even for Haitian-Americans but for Indians in the subcontinent because with all of his foreclosed properties and loan problems the Indian debt collector call centers must be working overtime

Now we need to hope that whoever wins today, the earthquake aid money is released so we can see what the republic ONG can do for us in the short term and cross our fingers that our ressourceful Haitian brothers and sisters will become creative and fend for themselves for the long term, cause NO PRESIDENT is going to take care of that, they got too many family/croonies issues to take care of first...

Ti Rene, March 20 2011, 10:36 AM

Topic: The Lucky Number Will Win Tomorrow, She Is Too Old!

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From a Chirsitian perspective, the Number 8 represent new creation, new birth, the believer, the Bride of Christ... read more >
Jynee, 19-Mar-11 6:02 pm
Mwen dako ak ou sa Bondye Sere Pou Ou Lavalas pa ka pote li ale. Michel se chanjman paske Manigat se kontinuite... read more >
Legrand, 19-Mar-11 6:16 pm
So based on your Christian perspective and interpretation: Martelly is the bride of Christ? Now I finally get the... read more >
Ti Rene, 19-Mar-11 6:21 pm
BTW they are both TOO compromised! The real questions is how much we, as voters, are willing to compromise on their... read more >
Ti Rene, 19-Mar-11 6:27 pm
What's with all the religious *^&*%$. The woman is corrupt, and that's the reason she should not win. read more >
Linda, 19-Mar-11 6:34 pm
Yes indeed,she is a very very tricky old cow. read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 19-Mar-11 8:50 pm
Linda, Like I said before, Haitians have an amazing facination with old people and that is why the government is... read more >
Tiba, 19-Mar-11 9:14 pm
People of all ages are equal in the eyes of God, so this is not supposed to be the matter of a really person to be... read more >
Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., 19-Mar-11 10:18 pm
Hey Tiba, don't make fun of old people, I bet as a good Haitian diaspora you are probably working 2 jobs in a nursing... read more >
Ti Rene, 20-Mar-11 10:36 am
li pa sans pou woue kek mounn ki di yo se kretien epi yap sipote yon neg kou mattely yon imoral, san pide. ha sim ta... read more >
Paul Jean, 21-Mar-11 5:23 am
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