So based on your Christian perspective and interpretation...

Ti Rene - March 19 2011, 6:21 PM

So based on your Christian perspective and interpretation: Martelly is the bride of Christ?

Now I finally get the "sweet" in sweet Mickey and the pink theme and all that! Cool! Our little Haiti elections are historic because not only we have the first senior citizen woman presidential candidate we also have the first openly and flaming gay candidate!
You got to give it to us Haitians, we are very progressive and the US thought they were cool by electing a black man!
Take that uncle Sam! In Haiti not only you can ask but we will readily tell!

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From a Chirsitian perspective, the Number 8 represent...


The Lucky Number Will Win Tomorrow, She Is Too Old!

Number 8 comes before 68 and the latter is close to Mirelande's age which is 71 ans. The youth keep saying in Haiti...

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