Rooster, Haiti is a member of the United Nations and not the...

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Rooster, Haiti is a member of the United Nations and not the United States.

We are an independent country and not a territory of the United States.

We will free Haiti this year for real and you may not know what's coming ahead.

The Haitian Tea Party is on board to change stuffs around.

With or without the United States we will develop this country for real. America is the source of instability in Haiti so we will solve the instability problem for real. We will create a Former Haitian Presidents Council after the Haitian Parliament vote on the End of the U.S. Protectorate over Haiti so we can solve that instability problems.

We will create a Sovereign National Assembly with all types of personalities in Haiti and along with The Council of Former Haitian Presidents to deal on Haitian national issues when they arise so we will not need anymore the United States to help us solve problems there.

You think that we are playing game, just wait and see. You said the U.S. would not allow us to sign contracts with Venezuela and Iran?

What is the United States?

A country like any other countries around the world with human beings and not animals on its soil, I think you undermine the Independence of Haiti.

May be you think that the U.S. owns Haiti.

We will all die my friend, Haiti will be free as of 2011 like it was free in 1934. Wait and you witness what will happen in Haiti in the days ahead!

Toulimen Legrand, February 24 2011, 3:36 PM

Topic: The End of The American Protectorate Over Haiti Is Soon

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Rooster, Haiti is a member of the United Nations and not the United States. We are an independent country and not a... read more >
Toulimen Legrand, 24-Feb-11 3:36 pm
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Rooster, 24-Feb-11 4:34 pm
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Rose L, 25-Feb-11 4:48 pm
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Toulimen, 25-Feb-11 5:59 pm
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Rooster, 26-Feb-11 10:18 am
Europeans are in the boat as Americans, they are devours of wealth of smaller nations. Haiti needs to form alliances... read more >
Rose L, 26-Feb-11 3:35 pm
Mevzvinsky, 26-Feb-11 4:46 pm
Mevz,are you one of the Mevz family living in Haiti or jamaica? read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 26-Feb-11 5:03 pm
"Mevz" IS A fake. What a joke, right here! read more >
Rooster, 26-Feb-11 5:20 pm
Better be,we will kill even the fakes one,i don't want to see or hear that name next to me in Haiti. To me it's Mevz... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 26-Feb-11 5:37 pm
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