Haitian Bourgeois Live only a month in their Owned Villas Overseas

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Haitian maids and Body Guards can tell you that Mevz, Brandt, Baker, Vorbes, Delatour, Accra and Vitiello live less than month annually in their luxury homes in FLORIDA, FRANCE, ITALY and in the CARIBBEAN REGION.

Those villas cost a lot of money to keep them running and only their servants are sleeping on those luxury villas.

The Haitian economic wealth is wasting outside of Haiti's boundaries and it also contributes to the economic wealth of the above listed countries.

The elites of those countries love HAITIAN BOURGEOIS a lot although they had labeled them the most repugnant elites of the world.

Haitians need to wake up and ask for another redistribution of the Haitian economic wealth as concentrated into the hands of those people.

If HAITI does not step up against its elites, one can easily say that they are not human beings.

Are HAITIANS humans?

Frantz L. Previllon, February 28 2011, 6:19 PM

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