The End of The American Protectorate Over Haiti Is Soon

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As an independent country, the Haitian elites now see the need to develop Haiti from its own economic resources.

In the days ahead, the new president will start extracting oil from its oil fields in Haiti.

Brazil will come on board to open an electricity usine to power the Great North of Haiti.

Venezuela and Iran will be on board as independent nations to open usines to start pumping oil from the earth in Haiti.

Leonel Fernandel will help in the agricultural sector and the reforestation of Haiti.

I start thanking the Haitian Tea Party for this great initiative and Haiti will restore its international rights soon.

With the new Identification System that will be put in place, all the NGOs and the CIA agents will repertoried in Haiti and that will be the end of kidnapping and political assassinations in Haiti.

I am asking the new government to start right away with the decentralization of Haiti by separating Haiti in five autonomous administratives regions.

If doing so, Haiti will have 5 new regional legislative chambers, 5 regional governors and mayors, 5 regional financial chief auditors, 5 regional boards of education, 5 regional hospitals, 5 regional army forces and and one central parliament as already existed in Port-Au-Pce. The budget of the Haitian republic will be divided by 5 and each region will be managed based on its own tax revenues.

Haiti will look new and I can say long life to Haiti!

Toulimen, February 23 2011, 9:52 PM

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iran? NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must be crazy if you think America will allow that. Why would you even consider... read more >
Rooster, 24-Feb-11 3:01 pm
Rooster, Haiti is a member of the United Nations and not the United States. We are an independent country and not a... read more >
Toulimen Legrand, 24-Feb-11 3:36 pm
T.L., You made some very well reasoned points. I must say that you dream excessively. I do not necessarily agree with... read more >
Rooster, 24-Feb-11 4:34 pm
Brazil has a female President, Dilma Rousseff and I do believe if we approach her with a diplomatic agreement to help... read more >
Rose L, 25-Feb-11 4:48 pm
We are waiting for the new Haitian president to get elected to do that. Micky is willing to sit with her and discuss... read more >
Toulimen, 25-Feb-11 5:59 pm
Rose, America does not have a debt to Brazil; on the contrary, We are about to loan Brazil billions ti improve the... read more >
Rooster, 26-Feb-11 10:18 am
Europeans are in the boat as Americans, they are devours of wealth of smaller nations. Haiti needs to form alliances... read more >
Rose L, 26-Feb-11 3:35 pm
Mevzvinsky, 26-Feb-11 4:46 pm
Mevz,are you one of the Mevz family living in Haiti or jamaica? read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 26-Feb-11 5:03 pm
"Mevz" IS A fake. What a joke, right here! read more >
Rooster, 26-Feb-11 5:20 pm
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