We are waiting for the new Haitian president to get elected to...

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We are waiting for the new Haitian president to get elected to do that. Micky is willing to sit with her and discuss that alternative with her. Even Russia I heard is willing to help Haiti if the latter wants some help. Medvedev said that they were never approached by any Haitian authorities for help and based on the fact that the United States has more influence than them in Haiti they just give leeway to the U.S. to act the way they are acting in Haiti.

If Martelly gets elected I will ask him to appoint some ambassadors to Russia, North Korea, Iran, India and even South Africa.Also, Haiti should seek membership in European Convention for greater free trades and protection as well. For instance, if accepted in the EC nations, Haiti could use the Euro instead of its own dollar or the U.S. bill if need be. We should find many ways to reduce the U.S. influence over Haiti in the next coming years and I will be working hard on that as a new appointed political advisor on board.

Haiti will be free again and hope and dignity will be retored to the sovereign people of Haiti.

Toulimen, February 25 2011, 5:59 PM

Topic: The End of The American Protectorate Over Haiti Is Soon

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Toulimen Legrand, 24-Feb-11 3:36 pm
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Rooster, 24-Feb-11 4:34 pm
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Rose L, 25-Feb-11 4:48 pm
We are waiting for the new Haitian president to get elected to do that. Micky is willing to sit with her and discuss... read more >
Toulimen, 25-Feb-11 5:59 pm
Rose, America does not have a debt to Brazil; on the contrary, We are about to loan Brazil billions ti improve the... read more >
Rooster, 26-Feb-11 10:18 am
Europeans are in the boat as Americans, they are devours of wealth of smaller nations. Haiti needs to form alliances... read more >
Rose L, 26-Feb-11 3:35 pm
Mevzvinsky, 26-Feb-11 4:46 pm
Mevz,are you one of the Mevz family living in Haiti or jamaica? read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 26-Feb-11 5:03 pm
"Mevz" IS A fake. What a joke, right here! read more >
Rooster, 26-Feb-11 5:20 pm
Better be,we will kill even the fakes one,i don't want to see or hear that name next to me in Haiti. To me it's Mevz... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 26-Feb-11 5:37 pm
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