You said it all, I agree with you at 500%. If the United...

Toulimen Legrand - February 24 2011, 3:47 PM

You said it all, I agree with you at 500%.

If the United States were a powerful country, it should have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan with no coalition forces.

Right now, it should have invaded Libya to prevent people from dying there.

Since our parliament votes the end of the U.S. protectorate over Haiti, the whole world will be on board to help Haiti.

It is time to stop the same hand that is trying to help and keeps destroying us piece by piece with its bio-warfare against us. We will end for real this vicious cycle.

The United States will stop projecting by images of Haiti to the world.

Our own elites' reputation are being tarnished and diminished by the U.S. media and they are on board this time to change it with Mickey and no coup d'etats will be accepted or tolerated on our soil. It takes young people like us and Micky to free Haiti and we will win. Long Life to Haiti! The liberation is close and we will win!

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No no we are the the owner of haiti,not american.we...


After michel take the Oath minista need to go.

The haitian people need to take street call on minista to leave haiti.Go back wherever they coming from.We do not want...

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