Stanley, I will assume that's a joke. Some one is using your...

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Stanley, I will assume that's a joke. Some one is using your name on this blog.
China is not a developing Country.

Did you know that America is heavily in debt with China?

They practically owned U.S. China is coming full force towards the West?

I can not believe such a grave error was done by you.

No, Haitians can't afford to be taken away from proven path. This is a cruel joke. Democracy with all its imperfections is preferable at this time for Haiti than any other careless armchair leftist ideologies.

Man, self- determination, destiny, self-esteem come hands-in-hands with capitalism.

(for Haiti, that means lots of small businesses) Haiti needs to create jobs for its constituents.

Better yet, Haitians need opportunities to create jobs for themselves.


Haiti is at a very crucial point.

We can not afford to linger around with 60's unproven and thrown away ideologies..

Bernadete S., June 9 2010, 10:30 PM

Topic: Interim Reconstruction:Strengthening or Undermining Haiti? by Stanley Lucas

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Thank you for your message. I fully agree that we have a lot to learn from other countries. And, my example of China... read more >
Stanley Lucas, 9-Jun-10 1:59 pm
The Haitian people undoubtedly can use more help. The help needed however seems more political reorganization than... read more >
Bernadette S, 9-Jun-10 6:23 pm
Thank you for your comments. I'm in agreement about your assessment of American aid. They, of course, are defending... read more >
Stanley Lucas, 9-Jun-10 9:52 pm
Stanley Lucas is a fake Haitian,a pseudo leaders manufactured by the pentagon. Haitien pap pran na coup saar. read more >
B-52, 9-Jun-10 10:09 pm
Stanley, I will assume that's a joke. Some one is using your name on this blog. China is not a developing Country. Did... read more >
Bernadete S., 9-Jun-10 10:30 pm
Jean Bertrand Aristide: Depi kileu genyen Fake Haitian papa? Ayisyen pa janm fake papa! Si Stanley fake poukisa blan... read more >
Se Mwen Kenge, 9-Jun-10 10:41 pm
First, China is a developing country - that's how the US recognizes it and how they want to be recognized. It's not... read more >
Stanley Lucas, 9-Jun-10 10:51 pm
Imbecile what do you not shut your latrine mouth, when you have absolutely nothing constructive to say. A country that... read more >
Antonioj, 9-Jun-10 11:01 pm
China's recent economic growth has been remarkable, millions have been lifted out of poverty and significant... read more >
Bernadete S., 11-Jun-10 7:30 pm
Bernadette, Lucas did strike a nerve with what he said about China and democracy. It makes you think about what he has... read more >
Mena Moreau, 12-Jun-10 10:36 am
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