I agree with everything that you wrote in your posting excerpt...

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I agree with everything that you wrote in your posting excerpt for only one point.

I am not a supporter of Rene Preval, but I do not want to see a repetition of the 1915 through 1934s' era. Preval proves to be incompetent as a puppet president and Haiti deserves a better president than Preval, but his days are numbered and we can wait. In the next coming eight months there will be no Preval anymore.

We should respect the will of the uneducated Haitians to avoid political chaos in Haiti.

We need to bring on an Electoral College in Haitian Politics so the new president could be elected through educated Haitians i.e economists, lawyers, accountants, educated and good merchant elites, College Dean and Presidents, Supreme Court and Appelate Court Deans, President of Polical Parties, National Delegates, new governors and mayors, college professors, goverment office accountability directors, president of minority government, chairman of the senate, majority government leaders, chairman of the house of representaives, constitutional council president, board of elections director, councilmen and councilwomen to name a few. We need to reinstate the Haitian Electoral College that Duvalier had destroyed to make himself president for life. If we can create all those institutions and find proper ways to fund them through an effective new taxation system, Haiti will become the new democratic society in the U.S. Western Hemisphere and we will be respected again in the international arena.

We need to downsize the Haitian administration to 3% of our national budget and we also need to strengthen the private sector by making it the biggest employer in Haiti.

In reforming the Haitian Administration, Haitian economic and political elites will not be able to enrich themselves via their family members planted within the public institutions and we will free Haiti from this corrupted system as instituted by President Petion, Boyer and all their successors.

Remember, Haiti was governed by mulattoes for over 150 years and 56 years by black puppet presidents starting with Soulouque, Fignole, Duvaliers and Aristide/Preval to name a few. The latter continues with this corrupted administration as instituted by their predecessors and none of them saw the political need to reform the Haitian administration.

That is why we need to create a museum for Haiti's Administration of Doublure and Black Puppet Presidency to detail the works of those political monsters for over 206 years of our Haitian history.

We also need to create a museum for all Haitian martyrs killed by the Haitian economic and political elites and CIA as well and we all will say never and ever again that will happen in Haiti.

We need to solve any class interests' problems to make Haitian political elites respect the rule of law and embrace competition through a free market enterprise to prevent crimes and corruption in Haiti.

My brother, I love your input and I understand your pain and frustration about Preval's presidency as well. However, Haitian political and economic elites would love us to call for a forced departure of Preval and through that political chaos they will continue again the same old routines as they had done it in 1915 and 1934.

Actually, we have the international community engaged in the rebuilding efforts and it is not an occupation per se and we should cooperatively work with the UN to kick out the ass of this old Haitian oligarchy system that keeps most Haitians live in abject poverty.

Haitian economic and political elites are responsible for the whole destruction of our country, for Haiti was a man-made disaster country before the earthquake; therefore, one would not put the blame on the earthquake alone.

No election is needed in the years ahead and the international community should invest in Haiti to replace this old corrupted oligarch elite in Haiti.

Our colonizers that are destroying the Haitian national economy in importing tropical crops that Haiti can grow should be banned for their inhuman practices and we should build a stronger middle class to manage economic and political affairs of Haiti.

Preval has no vision and no management plan on board to reform Haiti.

Let this stupid puppet finish his current term so we can say have nice day to him and he should wait in Haiti to stand trial after the United Nations had conducted an internal audit of his former administration.

He could be the first puppet president trialed in Haiti for mismanagement if they deem it necessary.

His name will be added in the museum of Administration of Doublure and Puppet Presidency in Haiti.

I hope that you understand my argumentations and you would not say that I am a supporter of Preval by all means.

I cannot be a supporter of an incompetent person.

At the UN conference, Preval's performance was very low and that lowers Haitians' competency more; therefore, I cannot support a person like him. Just to avoid political chaos so we will not repeat the errors of the past anymore.

Hope you understand it!

Dessalines The Avenger, April 4 2010, 5:40 PM


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