Carmelle Capoise...what is wrong with you

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I am not going to get on you about your desire to prevent us from taking part in our country.

Let me tell you Mrs Carmelle, I am a former member of the Armed Forces of the US and I for a long time refused to become a US Citizen but when your brother Aristide came to power and when I realized that Zinglendo, kidnappers, chimeres, attaches, Visiteurs, combined with the ugly and criminal elite you have in your country (and my country also) will never allow me to really put forward my aspirations for my country I became a Citizen.

I by the way turned down the Officer's school in Colorado and in Germany I was asked by a Lt Col of the US Army why the hell or was I a spy?

So Carmelle, we the millions of Haitians will do more for our country then you will ever do and we will provide better government than you have ever provided and we definitely will move education, good governance, health care, security and responsibility better than you have ever done.
By the way we will stop drugs and we will make sure you do not steal anymoe

Haquibo, February 22 2010, 6:42 PM

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