Well, Lynda with all due to respect, the United States is not...

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Well, Lynda with all due to respect, the United States is not totally responsible for our Haitian misery and sufferings, but they are accomplices with our ruling elite class in Haiti.

Here, racism does play a great role into our sufferings.

Whites love only mestizos and mulattoes.

We can verify it with the elections of Obama in the U.S. and the representation oflight skinned Blacks in all U.S. televisions.

Whites do not love Blacks period.

I cannot pretend that the American elites will love 97% of dark skinned Haitians.

All they want is this the opening of our economy to them through a sort of Neo-Liberal agenda what one can call it privatization.

I have no problem with privatization, but I will love it to be done with the possessing classes in our country for better good and services.

I am very tired and mad with a ruling class that manages our society through colonial heritages.

We must redefine the New Haitians whom are not former slaves and neo-slaves.

I am for the rights and dignity of all Haitians whether they are mulattoes or dark skinned Haitians.

The mulattoes live with dignity for they are better treated in our society and their rights are protected as well, but I am seeking equality for all. I want all Haitians to be proud of themselves and we will not have two capitals in Haiti anymore.

Haitians will have similar services and treatments, and we will be all proud of our land. I am not happy with the inhuman treatments of women in our society, but the Haitian machismo society with male superiority over women must come to an end. Women are the most suffered in our society and I will bring them dignity.

I do not need to be president to do that, I will empower women to live another life in this Haitian machismo society.

Some people think that I hate all mulattoes due to the fact I am denouncing social injustices within our society.

I have no hatred in my heart toward them, but I want their mistreatments of Haitians as human beings to come to an end.

This earthquake shows and proves that we must be one people, for we have all affected one way or another.

Lynda, I cannot hold Americans accountable for the earthquake without any proof.

As an educated person, I cannot do that. It is not easy for me to argue stuff that I do not know well or I have no proof to back it up. You may be right, for it is very suspicious, but I cannot prove it. Again, Whites (Americans and Europeans) do not like darker skinned people and they only admire light skinned people like the mulattoes or the mestizos and that admiration comes with the notion of European's blood superiority over the darker race with the Nazism in Germany and in the United States as well.

Whites cursed and continue to curse dark skinned people and they just want colonize us through our own colored elite.

We will be brainwashed forever and if we think that Whites or light skinned people love us we are fooling ourselves, but we must show them our capabilities in doing things until we can eradicate from their minds their hatred as well as their superiority domination over the Black race. We must clean up the state of Haiti to redefine the new Haitian through the lenses of equality and social justice for all.

One day, we will be one and equal and I will work hard on that. Whether the possessing classes of Haiti are not happy with my teachings I will continue to denounce social injustices until things get better.

I cannot tolerate men to treat women like animals with their machismo mentality, for I conceive my existence through my mother as a man so I have a lot to do in terms of a social and progressive revolution to occur in Haiti.

Lynda, if I have no proof for something I cannot endorse it. As I said, you may be right and I have a lot of doubts too. I want all Haitians not to attack the international communities, we must attack our possessing elites, for they are the ones that keep us in abject poverty.

Americans and other countries use them to practice colonial heritages through a sort of a neo-colonialism or self-internal colonization.

The elites of Haiti are happy when we keep accusing the international communities, for we are playing their blame-game accusations' card. Let's phrase it in our beautiful language like this: Si Andan Pa Vann Deyo Pa Ka Achte.

Let's open our eyes and understand the colonial routines that keep us in abject poverty.

Between the lesser of the two evils, we must attack the inside so the outside could conform itself.

With all due respect, Lynda, I have no proof to back up that suspected earthquake.

Mathieu Derisse, February 4 2010, 2:47 PM

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