I have responded to so many postings that I cannot remember on...

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I have responded to so many postings that I cannot remember on which point we disagreed before.

It is normal to disagree to advance certain causes.

I cannot impose my ideas on anyone.

I like that when people disagree with me. Based on our culture, many of us were raised in a way to accept only agreement and not disagreement.

I love that when someone disagrees with me. You do not know me, but one day you will know the full potential of myself.

I treat human beings good and I never mistreated people.

My former employees used to say that I was a good white person living in a black body. I can be mad sometimes at some people for disrespecting or mistreating others.

I am half man and half woman and I embody both genders in my body to understand their sufferings in life.

However, I am not for that a bisexual person.

I am a true heterosexual person, but I admire people who treat others good. There is this saying that I learned from my former teacher named Joseph C. Nereth in spanish: La mission del hombre sobre la tierra es de ser feliz y de su felicidad haga otros (otras) feliz.

In english, you can translate it this way: Man's mission on earth is to be happy and through his happiness he can make others happy too. I would love to see all Haitians to be happy and proud of themselves.

When I heard that Haitians were eating mud in Haiti, I felt so mad and I was questionning myself if that should happen if I were in power.

It is sad Lynda after 206 years that we cannot even feed all Haitians.

It is sad Lynda when we cannot guarantee all Haitians shelters.

You can understand my pain for the Haitian people, but I swear that I will not let Haitians suffer like this in the future.

We should all be happy and proud about Haiti.

I am not irrational in my judgments at all. Step back and reread my postings to see if I am fighting with you. Lynda, it is normal to disagree without being disagreeable.

I respect your say, but I am not fighting with you at all. Don't be confused and I need your feedback on this site. You make a lot of good points and just continue the debate.

May the Sacred One bless you!...

Mathieu Derisse, February 5 2010, 8:37 PM

Topic: Cessez Des Accusations Non Justifiees

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I have responded to so many postings that I cannot remember on which point we disagreed before. It is normal to... read more >
Mathieu Derisse, 5-Feb-10 8:37 pm


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