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Compatriote Lloyd Un grand salut depuis Paris 9. Si vous vous comptez faire un tour ici a Paris let me know because I owe you one(a drink)
I wrote Mr Kevin last night.

I did not want to go that far but I did yield to his anti bois Cayman sentiment.

I am happy to see that you did not attach a malicious and superstitious string to the Bois Cayman reference for it was not a vodoo ceremony but a decisive get together
to galvanize the forces and create a common frontagainst a vicious ennemy that has taken a different face today.

Like I told My Compatriote Kevin we may not want to egorger un pig et en boire du sang mais nous pouvons apres a national get together decider du Vodka or un Barbancourt.

I did not want to go into religion with Compatriote Kevin but I should have mentioned to him that it was in 1990 after I came from visiting the Nation of Israel that I changed my mind on Religion.Une Copine Israelienne m'a ouvert les yeux for those Israelis that I have seen have nothing to do with the Jesus that Kevin is praying.

When they lift their American(another ungodly nation) F16 to go and burry, maim, destroy, anihilate a whole neighbourhood of children, grand mothers and elders they do it in the name of God.They do it in the name of Gideon, David, Abraham, Jacob and so on.
But again Mr Kevin can not see that because of the tremendous christian indoctrination that has been imposed upon him through 400 hundert years of the religion of Israel.

Compatriote LLOYD Un coup de chapeau
Ti Roger depuis Paris 9

Ti Roger, March 30 2007, 7:25 PM


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