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mark soft rebuke

Dear Mark Show me one word in my last message that was insulting in any way. None. Not one Why did you not comment on... more »

let us not forget them

Guys, Francois, Mark and all the others Now you see my point when I very violently rebuke Mark statement that we... more »

compatriote Kevin no offense

I did not mean any insult No more religion. We as intellectuals may be we need this higher power but not Religion qui... more »

New kid on the block

Hi Kid You have read my message 1792 and perhaps are aware of my burning desire to revoir mon pays. Let me tell you... more »

ti roger says Amen

Compatriote Lloyd Un grand salut depuis Paris 9. Si vous vous comptez faire un tour ici a Paris let me know because I... more »

assuming you are right

Mr KevinI hope we are not antigonizing each other. As intellectuals we ought sometimes to find some common ground on... more »

deadly wrong Kevin

Mon Cher Kevin You get it wrong, very wrong! Like I would say in London you are bloody wrong! Let us not be emotional... more »

Ti Roger pleure

Well, well, well, it seems like there is someone who is thinking outside the box. It seems like there is someone who... more »

what did you say

Sir Je ne sais pas si vous avez ecrit le Francais ou cette epece de Jargon(que vous avez utilise pour maintenir la... more »

un vrai voyou

Progeniture de Putains Le voila Un salop dont la mere a beneficie le privilege d.'avoir eu son culot explore et... more »

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