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My friend why would you assume that I would want to antigonize you. I thought we were having a healthy debate here. No where in my past comments did I say you were a vodoo practioner.

Futhermore you cannot deny the supernatural connotation of the events that went on at Bwa Cayman.

Surely you're not that credulous.

I'm a bit insulted by the remarks you made to Mr. LLoyd about me. During the ceremony at Bwa Cayman the story goes that a pig was sacrificed.

That sacrifice was made to a deity.

So i'm not wrong to attach a superstitious string to the event.

And I assure you my friend that i was not forced to accept christianity, I did it out of my own free will. We are humans and human beings are wicked and selfish a lot of people use the name of God to do evil things but the fact that people use the name of God to do evil things doesn't mean that God is evil. If you must know i am one those of christians who is outraged by the way the isrealis mistreat their neighbors sometimes.

Christianity is a religion that promotes brotherhood and love for your neighboor.

It teaches a person to be a responsible citizen, it teaches a person to be progressive, to work, live an honest life, to not rely on others because we are the ones in charge of our lives.

If we were not responsible for our own life their would be no need for judgement.

In conclusion I will say this, I will talk about religion anymore with you. Religion is foremost a matter of faith.

It exists in a domain higher than human logic and understand.

It is often said that men need help from the Divine to fully understand the ways of God. I should not have a brought up the subject.

Nevertheless I will say this, if we learn to be responsible citizens, learn to respect our brothers and sisters, turn away from violence, corruption, greed, and contribute to society, learn to think of our fellow human being, help one another instead of destroy one another Haiti will be a better country.

Kevin, March 31 2007, 12:40 AM


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