we don't need another boa kayman

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Well i must say that the slave masters did
a great job promoting their culture, their
religion to my haitians brothers.Take for
instance Boukman, haitians believe he was a
voodoo priest, he was not, he was a marron
that was on the run.He was born in the island of Jamaica, when he arrived in haiti
he was smart enough to understand that we had the manpower to fight but we didn't have the will. he used our believe to star our revolution.Take a brief look of Christianity we would see the division that
is existing.

Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God, he died for our sins, one
who believe in him will be saved.Why there are so many "denominations"Catholic, Jehovah
whitness, Protestans,Seven day etc.I see the white man blue print all over christianity, yeah,divide to control.

Religion is holding us black people
down, yes their is a supreme being "God"but in order for Haiti to advance we need to eliminate "religions"that include our so call "Voodoo" Replace our churches,"peristils"to schools, hospitals, factories etc.

Llyod, March 30 2007, 12:31 PM


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