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Listen if we're going to have a meaningful debate then you should at least speak of facts.

As I stated before christianity is not a western religion by western I mean European.

I don't have the time to explain how it became the dominant religion in Europe but the fact remains that it was not born in the west, anymore than muslim is a western religion.

Second, you guys give the white man far too much power.

Some of us waste so much energy fighting the ways of the white man that we never move forward.

We're too distracted.

We think they care when they're actually handling their own business.

I must say that i like the analogy you made about Boukman he, like our ancestors did what needed to be done. They didn't sit around and grumble.

Instead of wasting our energy fighting a delisional battle with the white man why not do what needs to be done. Our ancestors did the impossible they defeated the french and eradicated slavery they left us the simple task of build a properous society it's been two hundred years and there is no progress.

The reason is because we have had a trail of leaders who were selfish, dishonest, and corrupt.

These repugnant qualities are things that christianity does not promote.

And we've been fighting amongst ourselves.

Christianity tells a person that he is responsible for his own life, his own fate, and his own action.

As for why there is so many denomitation, well it's because it is a religion that exists among man. Human beings are divisive by nature.

It's the same as a country having different political parties with varying views.

The last thing i will say is this, before anyone critizes christianity or falsly state that it is the white man's religion i suggest that they read the bible, do some reshearch and then present their case. It's the logical thing to do. what troubles me the most is the fact that a lot of people always prejudge christianity they presume to know the principles of the religion without ever reading the bible.

Yet you guys are very openminded about other religions.

From my experience before most people make any judgement about any other religions they educate themselves about the religion, why not do the same for christianity.

Kevin, March 30 2007, 11:41 PM


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