Hans I think that was a very nice dissertation unfortunately...

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I think that was a very nice dissertation unfortunately without an ending plan or suggestion.

What do you suggest that the Haitian people do exactly to achieve whatever it is you were talking about?

Because to tell you the truth I have no clue of what exactly you are asking (don't take it as an insult and condescending remarks because they are not, so please don't go coocoo on me).

Haiti will never move one inch forward because Haitians are too "passive-aggressive." Haitians talk a lot, they try hard to write nice things but it's all abstract with no reall significant meaning.

They do it mostly to show how educated they are. It is always about showing off of their education grandiosity.

For decades, Haitians have been saying "we need to get together" to change Haiti, and till this day Haiti just keeps getting worse and worse.

But the irony is, those same Haitians who are calling to get together to change Haiti have never put foot in Haiti since the left Haiti 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago.

Haiti cannot change if the Haitian diaspora is afraid to leave its comfort zone to get involved.

You can't really make a difference while everybody is so afraid to travel to Haiti, to their own country.

Not that you don't like Haiti but you are afraid of Haiti.

How can anyone change a place that they are so afraid and scared of?

The other thing that bugs me is how much and so fevrously Haitians keep using the terms "change, changing Haiti, let's get together to change Haiti" These terms have lost their significant meanings and now become nothing more than "cliches."

The real mature and realistic question that Haitians should, must, an need to ask themselves is "can, we, civilians, the people, change Haiti by ourselves without the participation of the government?

If so, why isn't Haiti changed a longtime ago?

A country cannot change without having basic infrastructures like: electricity, a good education system, a good communication system, roads, a good health care system, a good transportation system, etc. etc..

Civilians, the people have to use these infrastructures to build from or try to make change the country needs.

Now, tell me which one of you who is willing to empty his/her bank account to build and update all of these infrastructures in Haiti?

Going to Haiti and give a little piece of bread or little chocolate cookie to somebody that is not change but rather charity for self gratification to boost one self-esteem by believing he/she is making a different in the world by feeding the people, the children.

In conclusion, let me say that "Only a government can bring reall fundamental change to a country and perhaps with the cooperation of the people." It is time that Haitians get out of the "delusional disorders" they are in for their own sake. We, the people of Haiti, cannot change Haiti by ourselves otherwise we would not have left the country.

We would have stayed to change it and we would have gone back a longtime ago to change it.

We need to stop fooling ourselves with our nice written speeches, messages, posts, and articles about changing Haiti.

I had proposed a few strategies before how we can start pressuring the government for change but many of you either didn't give a rat *ss or thought I was out of my mind.

Tiba, July 18 2009, 8:16 AM

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